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Peter Love


Title: Associate Professor of Physics ad Astronomy, Tufts University/Senior Scientist, Computer Science Initiative

Expertise: Quantum Computing

In 2015 Love joined the Physics Department at Tufts University as an Associate Professor with Tenure. In 2018 he joined Brookhaven National Lab’s Computational Science Initiative as a Senior Scientist in a dual appointment held concurrently with his Tufts appointment. He serves as the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of Zapata Computing, Inc., a Boston-based quantum software startup. He is a member of FQXi.

In quantum information science Love has worked broadly on quantum simulation, including work on quantum simulation of quantum chemistry and high energy physics and on quantum lattice-gas and quantum cellular automata models. Love has also worked on adiabatic quantum computing, the theory of entanglement, on semiclassical descriptions of quantum information including wigner functions for qubits and qudits, and on efficient simulation of subtheories of quantum mechanics that lack contextuality.