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Shanalyn Kemme


Shanalyn A. Kemme, PhD, is the manager of the Atomic Optical Sensing and Electrochemical Engineering organization at Sandia National Laboratories. She is the Program Manager of the Strategic Inertial Guidance with Matterwaves (SIGMA) Grand Challenge, a large effort to produce a low-SWaP, strategic-grade, light-pulse atomic interferometer that operates in high-dynamic range environments. Previously, she was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff where she realized micro-optics and diffractive optics. Her development of a free-space optical transponder led to a prestigious R&D 100 Award. She played a leading role in design and fabrication of several diffractive optics awarded citations for meritorious achievement including the AQUARIUS Quantum Grand Challenge, a diffractive optical flight component, as well as μChemLab™ lab-on-a-chip system. Dr. Kemme co-authored the chapter “Diffractive Optical Elements” in the Optical Engineer’s Desk Reference (Optical Society of America, 2002), and is editor/author of the book “Microoptics and Nanooptics Fabrication,” published by Taylor and Francis on 2010. Shanalyn was hired into Sandia over 20 years ago after completing a physics/math undergraduate at Kansas State University and a PhD in optical sciences from the Optical Sciences Center at the University of Arizona. She has authored over 80 publications and holds 5 patents.