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Anirudha Sumant


Group Leader - Nanofabrication and Devices/Materials Scientist, Nanoscience


Current research interests include superlubricity, nucleation and growth mechanisms of CVD-diamond, graphene and CNT, micro- and nanoscale tribology, electronic and mechanical properties of carbon-based materials. Special interest in field emission, and fabrication of energy efficient MEMS/NEMS devices.


Ph.D., University of Pune, India

Awards and Honors: 

  • TEDx Speaker
  • 2018 National Innovation Award from Techconnect on Portable Ultrananocrystalline Diamond based Field Emission Electron Sources for Linear Accelerators
  • Pacesetter Award, Argonne National Laboratory, 2018
  • Top 100 finalist Chicago Innovation Award 2017
  • Pinnacle of Education Award from Board of Governors for Argonne National Laboratory for teaching youth nanotechnology and developing Next Gen STEM Kit
  • 2017 National Innovation Award from TechConnect on developing wafer-scale method to grow single and multilayer graphene on dielectric substrate in 1 min
  • 2016 National Innovation Award from TechConnect on developing graphene-nanodiamond based solution to achieve superlubricity