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Susan Marie Clark


Susan Clark has been a scientist at Sandia National Laboratories since 2013 where she has worked on a variety of quantum information-related projects on different platforms, including trapped ions and gate-defined quantum dots in silicon. She is currently the PI of the DOE-funded Quantum Scientific Computing Open User Testbed (QSCOUT) at Sandia, a project which aims to build, maintain, and provide access to quantum hardware based on trapped ions to scientists around the world. Prior to joining Sandia, she did her postdoctoral work at the Joint Quantum Institute at University of Maryland with Chris Monroe. There, she researched quantum networking with trapped ions via photons and robust two-qubit gates via phonons. Prior to her postdoctoral work, she graduated with a PhD and Masters in Applied Physics from Stanford University in 2010. At Stanford, under the direction of Professor Yoshi Yamamoto, she studied and characterized a variety of optical solid-state qubits including electron spins of silicon donors in bulk GaAs and single fluorine donors in ZnSe.