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Dr. Aaron L. Washington, II

Advanced Materials
Semiconductor and/or Fabrication
Additive Manufacturing
Energy Conversion
Radioisotope Detecting and Imaging
Manufacturing Processes
Materials Characterization
Materials Discovery
Synthetic Polymer Chemistry
Gamma-ray Spectroscopy
High Level Radioactive Waste Forms
Lithium Ion & Advance Lithium Battery Systems
Nuclear Energy
Radiation Chemistry
Surface Science
Thin Films
Material Processing


After graduating from the University of Florida in 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, Dr. Aaron L. Washington, II completed his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry with specialization in material science. As of April 2009, Dr. Washington joined the Advanced Characterization and Processing (ACP) group at SRNL and is currently a principal scientist and former manager in the same group. He is currently involved with material development for multiple applications including radiological sensors, nuclear waste storage, additive manufacturing for nuclear material disposal, nuclear Deactivation & Decommissioning (D&D), organic based nuclear sensors, and nuclear waste treatment strategies. Additionally, he recently led a group with 3 post-doctoral researchers (3 former postdocs are now full time), 7 peer PhD scientists, a bachelor’s scientist, 3 managers, and 2-4 interns in interdisciplinary research and program development. Dr. Washington has more than 20+ peer reviewed manuscripts, 30+ technical reports, and more than 15 presentations at national conferences and meetings. Dr. Washington also has 4 patents issued and 7 additional patents currently in process. Dr. Washington was a 2014 recipient of the Laboratory Director’s Award for Early Career Exceptional Achievement and the 2016 Laboratory Director’s Award for Exceptional Achievement. Dr. Washington has also recently received his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification as of July 2017.

Dr. Washington currently serves on multiple committees both at SRNL and in the Aiken community. These include the Conduct of R&D safety council, Diversity Board of Directors for SRNS, and the former Board of Directors Chairman and current member for Habitat for Humanity. He is an also an Adjunct Professor at USC Aiken in the chemistry department.