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Yining Qin


He is a staff scientist in the Computational Engineering Division at LLNL. He currently supports project acquisition and execution in the areas of building energy efficiency control optimization, power system simulation, and hybrid artificial intelligence and optimization control served as Principal Investigator. He was research scientist for energy system analysis at LBNL in Berkeley, CA, and the section manager for renewable energy investment, operation manager for power generation at Huaneng Power Group in Beijing, China. Dr. Qin received the B.S. M.S. and PhD degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of Dalian Tech, Dalian, with emphasis on advanced control theory. He served as researcher for building energy automated control and power system operation for more than 20 years. His patent technology – commercial building optimization won the first Energy I-Corps of DOE in 2015. His areas of expertise include building energy modeling-simulation-optimization, power generation & transmission & Distribution optimization, smart grid, deep learning, complex system optimization, and optimization analytics for near-field.