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Semiconductor Detector Processing Lab


User Facility: No


R&D Capabilities

Discover what the Semiconductor Detector Processing Lab has to offer.

Wet & Reactive Ion Etching

Wet-etching hood for oxide polisilicon aluminum etching and standard RCA cleaning and Reactive Ion Etching i.e. dry etch of oxide nitride and photoresist. Oxidation and annealing furnaces are used for clean silicon processes.

Lithography Front/Back

Front/Back Lithography with patterns down to 1 um and alignment capabilities to 0.5 um. Fabrication is preceded by TCAD simulations and wafer layout design.

Metallization & Passivation

Metallization by RF sputtering of aluminum/1Silicon titanium silicon oxide and through the evaporation of several metals in a separate cleanroom. Passivation of polymide or PECVD oxide.

Rapid Thermal Processing

Including rapid thermal anneal for sintering of silicon-aluminum contacts.