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Materials Synthesis and Characterization Facility

2 Center StUpton, NY 11977

User Facility: Yes


R&D Capabilities

Discover what the Materials Synthesis and Characterization Facility has to offer.

Inorganic Materials Synthesis

Solution-phase and chemical vapor deposition methods electrochemical deposition x-ray diffraction thermal measurement equipment and oxygen-free processing environments.

Macromolecular & Nanomaterial Synthesis & Assembly

Techniques and methods required for the synthesis fabrication and study of novel hybrid structures and functionalities using regulated nanoscale assembly and self-organization approaches.

Thin-Film Processing

Air-free materials processing atomic layer deposition ALD of inorganic thin films organic film deposition by spin-coating and thermal processing in vacuum or inert gas environments.

Structural & Spectroscopic Probing

In-situ structural characterization for surfaces thin films nanoparticles biological complexes nanofabricated structures and hybrid composites under environmental condition.