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Nanofabrication Facility - BNL

2 Center StUpton, NY 11977

User Facility: Yes


R&D Capabilities

Discover what the Nanofabrication Facility - BNL has to offer.

High-Resolution Patterning

High-resolution patterning by electron beam lithography and optical lithography. An Electron Beam Lithography System JEOL JBX-6300FS is capable of drawing sub-20 nm features over large sample areas with overlay and stitching at sub-20 nm accuracy.

Dry & Wet Etching

Plasma-based dry etching and wet chemical etching.

Thin-Film Deposition

Thin-film deposition by electron beam and thermal evaporation DC and RF magnetron sputtering and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition.

Thin-Film Device Characterization

Electrical and optical characterization of thin-film devices.

Single Digit Nanofabrication

Control of material properties and geometries with a precision below ten nanometers

Optics at Nanoscale

Fabrication and measurement of high refractive index materials and plasmonic structures to study new nanophotonics phenomena and applications.

Integrating Multi-Modal Devices

Integration of photonics fluidics and electronics to create new platforms to study material properties.

Quantum Control of Exciton Flow

Fabrication of complex structures made by different materials to study and control the exciton diffusion.

New Material for Nanofabrication

Combination of multiple deposition and synthesis techniques to find new materials applicable at uniform large area clean room compatible process.