Resonance Test System

Stage: Development

As wind generation technology improves, there is a trend for generation systems to become increasingly larger, whereby larger turbine blades are subjected to greater static and dynamic loads.  As a result, it’s very important to test in advance a new blade design for fatigue resistance and ensure that it will be capable of withstanding expected loads without structural failure.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has created an apparatus for the safe testing of wind turbine blade specimens through the application of reciprocal and vibrational structural loads at various frequencies.  The apparatus can apply substantial deflections in the bending or flap directions with relatively low energy input and does not induce unwanted axial loads in the blade. This apparatus can be used to test any of a wide range of blade specimen sizes and shapes.

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U.S. Patent # 7,953,561

ROI 01-51

Applications and Industries

Wind Generation Manufacturing


Safe and versatile testing application capability for wind turbine blade technology