Readiness Certification Assurance Process Tracking System

Y-12 National Security Complex

The Readiness Certification Assurance Process Tracking System (RCAPTS) is a web-based multiuser system that manages readiness projects, reviews, and associated activities performed by readiness personnel and other involved associates at U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) sites. A project management tool designed to replace or supplement paper-based administrative activities, RCAPTS includes a series of Web scripts written in the PHP server-side scripting language and a Microsoft Access database, making use of a server and end devices to process programming code.


  • Manages work flows automatically and notifies users when an action is required
  • Accepts electronic storage of evidence documents and links to external systems
  • Eliminates via centralized management the need for client interaction
  • Runs on any JavaScript-enabled internet browser of end device connected to a network on which PHP is installed


  • The Y-12 National Security Complex has copyright protection for this technology.

Technology Readiness Level:

  • TRL 9: Technology has been proven to work in its final form and under expected conditions.


  • Unique — is only known product of its kind that assists with carrying out DOE Order 425.1, “Verification of Readiness to Startup or Restart Nuclear Facilities”
  • Portable and affordable — allows access on any device (local or VPN)
  • Timely — provides real-time status, enabling productive management of issues/affirmations
  • Efficient — uses database query and sort features to quickly identify areas needing attention
  • Versatile — is flexible and can be tailored to meet a wide range of complex expectations and individual client needs
  • Secure — allows roles and responsibility assignments that automatically govern access

Applications and Industries

A system that manages readiness activities performed at DOE sites, RCAPTS could be developed to appeal to:

  • Engineering firms responsible for construction and/or startup activities
  • Software companies (e.g., supplement to existing software)
  • Operating firms that start new complex processes in a regulated environment (e.g., nuclear utilities, refinery operations)

Questions about licensing?

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