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Silicon Photonics Portfolio

Stage: Development

To support next generation computing, communication, and sensing needs, Sandia researchers have successfully developed a silicon photonics platform that leverages the semiconductor and nanotechnology capabilities of Sandia’s Microsystems and Engineering Sciences Applications (MESA) complex to create optical components for multiple applications.

Sandia continues to advance its silicon photonics platform with integration of new materials and to develop new devices and systems for a variety of applications. We are utilizing heterogeneous integration technology to create microsystems with CMOS, silicon photonics, and III-V materials. 

Applications and Industries

We are actively seeking collaborators on photonics projects ranging from fundamental research to commercialization of technologies in areas related to low energy optical communication and computing, as well as other areas of importance for national security such as RF signal processing, quantum information system, secure communication, sensing, and imaging. 


This portfolio includes several essential technologies for building the following, among many others:

  • Low-power highspeed optical networks
  • Low-voltage, high-speed resonant modulators with integrated heater for wavelength tuning 
  • Scalable methods for wavelength stabilization of resonant devices
  • High-speed Mach Zehnder devices with depletion mode vertical p-n junction phase-modulator in MZ configuration
  • Traveling wave carrier depletion MZ modulators
  • Avalanche photodetectors


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Sep 29, 2020