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Ion Beam Profiler

Stage: Prototype

This technology is an ion beam profiler that can reconstruct the ion beam intensity in two dimensions with a single measurement device. There are many currently available commercial solutions, but they are overly complicated, require large manipulators that may not fit on existing systems, or require long scan times to profile the complete ion beam. This technology was conceived to use an inexpensive single-axis manipulator that can fit on the smallest standardized vacuum chamber port and provide a full beam profile construction quickly and with a single degree of motion and a single measurement device. 

The novelty of this solution comes by using two detector elements (slit-apertures, or other ion-sensitive devices) aligned 90° from each other, and both elements aligned 45° with respect to the direction of motion. The two detector elements can obtain a two-dimensional profile beam using a single measurement device (picometer).

Applications and Industries

  • Quickly diagnose ion beam system
    • R&D laboratory
    • Semi-conductor Industry  


  • Cheaper
  • Faster
  • Easier to use 


BA-1038 Ion ...t.pdf

Jun 24, 2020