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SeQUeNCe: Simulator of QUantum Network Communication

Stage: Production

Simulator of QUantum Network Communication (SeQUeNCe) is an open-source tool that allows modeling of quantum networks including photonic network components, control protocols, and applications.

SeQUeNCe is an open source, discrete-event simulator for quantum networks. As described in our paper, the simulator includes 5 modules on top of a simulation kernel:

  • Hardware 
  • Entanglement Management
  • Resource Management
  • Network Management
  • Application

These modules can be edited by users to define additional functionality and test protocol schemes, or may be used as-is to test network parameters and topologies.

Applications and Industries

Many examples of SeQUeNCe in action can be found in the example folder on GitHub. These include both quantum key distribution and entanglement distribution examples.