Highly Efficient Reliable Operations

Pantex Plant

The nature of Consolidated Nuclear Security's (CNS) mission requires it to operate independently of third-party ancillary services. This means we must operate on our own medical facilities, firehouses, communications departments, and routine plant maintenance services, among others. As a result, CNS has developed software to meet these needs, including Highly Efficient Reliable Operations (HERO).


  • Web-based system that provides visibility of product life-cycle activities business decisions
  • Features automated task tracking, results filtering, configurable display options, and color coding with data integration and visualization tools
  • Improved metrics display, including overdue tasks and on-time starts/completions


  • The Pantex Plant has copyright protection for this technology

Applications and Industries

  • Production planning and operations monitoring in manufacturing
  • Large service repair facilities

Questions about licensing?

Contact OTCP@cns.doe.gov or visit our technology transfer website.

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