Argonne National Laboratory

As a U.S. Department of Energy Office Science national laboratory, Argonne conducts research and development in many areas of basic and applied science and engineering:
  • Basic science: seeks to understand how nature works. This research includes experimental and theoretical work in materials science, physics, chemistry, biology, high-energy physics, and mathematics and computer science, including high performance computing.
  • Applied science and engineering helps to find practical solutions to society’s problems. These programs focus primarily on energy resources, environmental management and national security.

Summaries of Available Technologies

Read the following summaries about the technologies available to license from the Argonne National Laboratory.

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Patents associated with this Lab are reviewed and updated quarterly. Some patents may no longer be maintained or available for licensing.

Number Date issued Title
10,199,129 02/05/2019 Method for radionuclide contaminatecontaminant mitigation
10,196,757 02/05/2019 Integrated system for nanofiber production
10,196,054 02/05/2019 Driver break preparation system for a hybrid vehicle
10,193,144 01/29/2019 High capacity lithium ion batteries having oxides, peroxides, or superoxides as cathode active material
10,190,916 01/29/2019 System for true thermal-light applications
10,184,697 01/22/2019 Device for cooling fluid, method for cooling fluid
10,186,336 01/22/2019 Packaging design for storage, transportation, and disposal of disused radiological sources
10,186,584 01/22/2019 Systems and methods for forming diamond heterojunction junction devices
10,180,508 01/15/2019 Enhanced neutron detector and electron amplifier structure and a method of fabricating the enhanced neutron detector and electron amplifier structure
10,180,124 01/15/2019 Laser igniter with integral optimal geometry prechamber


The following experts from the Argonne National Laboratory are available to answer questions about technologies of interest to innovators and investors.

expert Daniel Abraham image
Daniel Abraham
expert Shabbir Ahmed image
Shabbir Ahmed
expert Khalil Amine image
Khalil Amine
expert Pete  Beckman image
Pete Beckman
expert Ira Bloom image
Ira Bloom
expert Audun Botterud image
Audun Botterud
expert Charles Catlett image
Charles Catlett
expert Guenter  Conzelmann image
Guenter Conzelmann
expert Larry Curtiss image
Larry Curtiss
expert Nate Evans image
Nate Evans
expert Stephen  Folga image
Stephen Folga
expert Andrew Jansen image
Andrew Jansen
expert Bob Johnson image
Bob Johnson
expert Christopher Johnson image
Christopher Johnson
expert Vladimir Koritarov image
Vladimir Koritarov
expert Greg Krumdick image
Greg Krumdick
expert Paul  Lewis image
Paul Lewis
expert Ralph Muehleisen image
Ralph Muehleisen
expert Mark  Petri image
Mark Petri
expert Jeffrey Spangenberger image
Jeffrey Spangenberger
expert Venkat Srinivasan image
Venkat Srinivasan
expert Adam Szymanski image
Adam Szymanski
expert Thomas Wallner image
Thomas Wallner
expert John Zhang image
John Zhang