Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is the largest U.S. Department of Energy science and energy laboratory, conducting basic and applied research to deliver transformative solutions to compelling problems in energy and security. ORNL's diverse capabilities span a broad range of scientific and engineering disciplines, enabling the Laboratory to explore fundamental science challenges and to carry out the research needed to accelerate the delivery of solutions to the marketplace. ORNL supports DOE's national missions of:

  • Scientific discovery—We assemble teams of experts from diverse backgrounds, equip them with powerful instruments and research facilities, and address compelling national problems;
  • Clean energy—We deliver energy technology solutions for energy-efficient buildings, transportation, and manufacturing, and we study biological, environmental, and climate systems in order to develop new biofuels and bioproducts and to explore the impacts of climate change;
  • Security—We develop and deploy "first-of-a-kind" science-based security technologies to make the world a safer place.

ORNL supports these missions through leadership in four major areas of science and technology:

  • Neutrons—We operate two of the world's leading neutron sources, which enable scientists and engineers to gain new insights into materials and biological systems;
  • Computing—We accelerate scientific discovery through modeling and simulation on powerful supercomputers, advance data-intensive science, and sustain US leadership in high-performance computing;
  • Materials—We integrate basic and applied research to develop advanced materials for energy applications;

Summaries of Available Technologies

Read the following summaries about the technologies available to license from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Success Stories


Patents associated with this Lab are reviewed and updated quarterly. Some patents may no longer be maintained or available for licensing.

Number Date issued Title
10,263,246 04/16/2019 Lithiated and passivated lithium ion battery anodes
10,253,261 04/09/2019 Stimuli-responsive liquid crystalline networks
10,246,719 04/02/2019 Modulating laccase enzyme to regulate cell wall biosynthesis and recalcitrance in plants
10,245,781 04/02/2019 Method for producing mechanical engagement between a build platform and additive manufacturing prints
10,240,217 03/26/2019 Methods and systems for processing sugar mixtures and resultant compositions
10,240,011 03/26/2019 Multifunctional curing agents and their use in improving strength of composites containing carbon fibers embedded in polymeric matrix
10,239,046 03/26/2019 Nano-material
10,233,098 03/19/2019 Nanoporous graphene membrane for desalination of salt water
10,234,575 03/19/2019 Apparatus for use in a directional-neutron detector, directional-neutron detectors and methods of use thereof
10,233,566 03/19/2019 Continuous single crystal growth of graphene


The following experts from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory are available to answer questions about technologies of interest to innovators and investors.

expert Mahabir Bhandari image
Mahabir Bhandari
expert Panos Datskos image
Panos Datskos
expert Diana Hun image
Diana Hun
expert Jianlin Li image
Jianlin Li
expert G. Muralidharan image
G. Muralidharan
expert Joshua New image
Joshua New
expert Parans Paranthaman image
Parans Paranthaman
expert Som Shrestha image
Som Shrestha
expert Alfonso G. Tarditi image
Alfonso G. Tarditi
expert John A. Turner image
John A. Turner
expert Thomas R. Watkins image
Thomas R. Watkins