Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is focused on DOE' s missions in science, energy, environment, and national security.PNNL researchers integrate across fundamental science and applied technology programs, engaging partners across the country to take on big challenges.Every year, we are privileged to help hundreds of businesses ranging from entrepreneurial startups to multi-national corporations.They can tap into thousands of PNNL experts to help them solve perplexing, technical problems, develop new technology products, obtain the rights to technologies and software, and receive specialized assistance for competitive advantage.

Summaries of Available Technologies

Read the following summaries about the technologies available to license from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Success Stories


Patents associated with this Lab are reviewed and updated quarterly. Some patents may no longer be maintained or available for licensing.

Number Date issued Title
10,211,489 02/19/2019 Integral light sources and detectors for an optical sensor to detect battery faults
10,207,276 02/19/2019 Electrohydrodynamic spraying
10,210,568 02/19/2019 Coordination of thermostatically controlled loads with unknown parameters
10,208,169 02/19/2019 Methods of modifying agricultural co-products
10,202,622 02/12/2019 Process for producing fuel using two fermentations
10,197,512 02/05/2019 Dual-energy microfocus radiographic imaging method for meat inspection
10,197,451 02/05/2019 Contrast phantom for passive millimeter wave imaging systems
10,191,726 01/29/2019 Biosequence-based approach to analyzing binaries
10,189,063 01/29/2019 System and process for formation of extrusion products
10,179,320 01/15/2019 Process for making carbon-based nano-rods from switchable ionic liquids and devices and processes incorporating same


The following experts from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are available to answer questions about technologies of interest to innovators and investors.

expert Glenn Grant image
Glenn Grant
expert Jun Liu image
Jun Liu
expert Michael Royer image
Michael Royer
expert Kevin P. Schneider image
Kevin P. Schneider
expert Vincent L. Sprenkle image
Vincent L. Sprenkle
expert Jeffry Stevenson image
Jeffry Stevenson
expert Draguna Vrabie image
Draguna Vrabie
expert Yong Wang image
Yong Wang
expert Robert S. Wegeng image
Robert S. Wegeng
expert Jason Zhang image
Jason Zhang