Notice of Intent to Issue Annual Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF)

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) intends to issue its annual Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF) Solicitation—or call for proposals from DOE National Laboratories, Plants, and Sites (DOE Facilities). OTT anticipates releasing the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 TCF Solicitation on or about September 10, 2019. OTT will distribute the TCF Solicitation to the Technology Transfer Offices at each of the DOE Facilities.

The TCF is intended to facilitate the commercialization of energy technologies with promising potential that are developed at DOE Facilities. TCF Federal funds are matched with non-Federal contributions to:

  1. Perform technology maturation with the intent of attracting a private partner that is willing to support the technology's commercialization.

  2. Support cooperative development of technology with a private partner for a specific commercial application.

This Solicitation offers an opportunity for private industry to partner with DOE's Facilities to advance Facility-developed energy technologies and Intellectual Property (IP) toward Commercialization. TCF projects require that half of all project costs come from non-federal sources, including from industry, and from state and local government—or entities they have created. In FY20, DOE expects to select TCF projects from DOE Facilities in one of two topics:

This is a Notice of Intent (NOI) only. DOE may issue a Solicitation as described here, one later than expected, one that is significantly different than described here, or may not issue a Solicitation at all.

The anticipated Solicitation will include information about how to apply to the TCF. Eligible applicants should contact their DOE Facility's Technology Transfer Office for a copy of the Solicitation. DOE will not distribute the Solicitation to other entities, nor will it respond to questions about the Solicitation except from eligible entities. Other interested parties should contact DOE Facilities for information about partnering with them on a TCF proposal to advance Facility-developed energy technologies or IP.