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The National Security Technology Applications Center leverages Y-12's collective expertise and resources to assess, develop, demonstrate, and deploy innovative security technologies and products for a broad range of applications, from biometrics to homeland security and defense.

We can also help to determine a security technology's value by testing it in real-world settings. This qualitative examination of the technology's performance answers the question: “Will the system work effectively when needed?” Both the technology provider and the technology buyer derive significant benefits from the rigorous methodology we employ in our professional, standards-based testing and evaluation.

Our expertise spans a wide array of technologies, including:

- Explosive detection systems

- Biometrics and access control technologies

- Personnel screening systems

- Cargo/vehicle screening technologies

- Radiation detection technologies

- Remotely-operated weapon systems

- Intrusion-detection systems

- Perimeter security technologies

- Advanced optical systems

- Sniper detection and response systems

- Command, control, communications, coordination, intelligence (C4I) systems