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The Geosciences Measurement Facility (GMF) is singularly capable of designing, building, testing, and deploying customized Earth and environmental science instrumentation. GMF engineers, scientists, and machinists work alongside their scientific research partners within GMF's specialized fabrication and testing facilities at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and at field observatory sites worldwide. Through this partnering, GMF brings to life custom solutions that push the frontier of Earth science discovery.
For more than four decades, GMF has partnered with hundreds of researchers to develop advanced instrumentation, laboratory- and field-based sensing systems, and lab-to-field data measurement and telemetry solutions. These tools have been critical to addressing scientific questions and challenges surrounding ecosystem health; watershed function; atmospheric systems; carbon sequestration; agriculture and bioenergy; oil, gas and geothermal resources; ocean behavior; and hazardous material storage and disposal. GMF instrumentation solutions have repeatedly enabled new scientific discoveries that might otherwise have remained out of reach using standard off-the-shelf measurement solutions.