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This facility studies the synthesis, analysis and mimicry of biological nanostructures. Expertise and capabilities are available to develop new materials based on the folding and assembly of sequence-defined, bioinspired polymers (including peptides,,nucleic acids, and peptoids). New biocompatible imaging probes based on organic dyes and functionalized inorganic nanocrystals are being developed and are available to facilitate state-of-the-art bioimaging studies. Synthetic biology techniques are used to re-engineer organisms and create hybrid biomolecules to interface with devices. Additional capabilities include synthesis, purification and characterization of bio- and biomimetic polymers, bioconjugation, and combinatorial peptide and peptoid library synthesis and screening. Protein expression, microbial and eukaryotic cell culture, phage display, cellular engineering and biological microscopy, including total internal reflection, confocal and single molecule imaging are offered.