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The technical objectives of the TRACC project included the establishment of a high performance computing center for use by USDOT research teams, including those from Argonne and their university partners, and the use of advanced computing and visualization facilities for the performance of focused computer research and development programs in areas of interest for USDOT. These objectives were met by establishing a high-performance computing facility, known as the Transportation Research and Analysis Computing Center (TRACC), and providing technical support for its use by USDOT staff and their university and industry contractors. Starting in FY2013, TRACC increased its emphasis on establishing cost-sharing research programs through sponsored research with other Federal and non-Federal sponsors. This allows TRACC to take advantage of not only its state-of-the-art high performance computing resources but also the scientific expertise of its staff for Transportation Research and Analysis in the areas of: Traffic Modeling and Simulation and Emergency Transportation Planning Computational Fluid Dynamics for Infrastructure Analysis Computational Structural Mechanics for Transportation Applications