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Y-12 is a vital part of efforts to combat chemical, radiological, and nuclear (C/R/N) terrorism. Applying our operationally based knowledge at our customized training facilities, we support missions to contain, convert, remove, and protect vulnerable C/R/N material located at sites worldwide. An important aspect of securing these materials is timely, well-equipped, well-trained responders who can interrupt and neutralize an adversary before he/she can gain access to these materials. Our specialized Alarm Response Training program is specifically tailored to the responsible on-site and local responders who support the protection of sites with C/R/N material. 

The three-day course moves from classroom lectures, practical discussions, group problem solving, and equipment proficiency to a realistic tabletop exercise and wraps up with functional, operationally based field exercise scenarios. The primary objective is to prepare personnel to protect themselves and their communities in response to alarms involving attempted theft of C/R/N material.