National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center User Facility: Yes

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NERSC is known as one of the best-run scientific computing facilities in the world. It provides some of the largest computing and storage systems available anywhere, but what distinguishes the center is its success in creating an environment that makes these resources effective for scientific research. NERSC systems are reliable and secure, and provide a state-of-the-art scientific development environment with the tools needed by the diverse community of NERSC users. NERSC offers scientists intellectual services that empower them to be more effective researchers. For example, many of our consultants are themselves domain scientists in areas such as material sciences, physics, chemistry and astronomy, well-equipped to help researchers apply computational resources to specialized science problems. NERSC's major computing resources are:
  • Cori - A Cray XC40 with 76,416 compute cores of Intel Xeon ("Haswell") and 658,784 compute cores of Intel Xeon Phi ("Knights Landing"). The Xeon nodes have a total of 307 TB of memory, and the Xeon Phi nodes have a total of nearly 1.1 PB of memory. Cori has 30 PB of disk, 1.8 PB of flash-based storage in a burst buffer, and features the Cray "Aries" high-speed internal network.
  • Edison - A Cray XC30 with 133,824 compute cores, 357 TB of memory, 7.56 PB of disk, and the Cray "Aries" high-speed internal network. Edison is optimized for running high-performance parallel scientific codes.
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