Readiness Certification Assurance Process Tracking System (RCAPTS)

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The nature of our mission requires us to operate independently of third-party ancillary services. This means we must operate on our own medical facilities, firehouses, communications departments, and routine plant maintenance services, among others. As a result, Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC (CNS) has developed software to meet these needs.


  • Manages work flows automatically and notifies users when an action is required
  • Accepts electronic storage of evidence documents and links to external systems
  • Eliminates the need for client interaction
  • Runs on any JavaScript-enabled internet browser or device connected to a network on which PHP is installed


  • CNS has copyright protection for this technology.

Applications and Industries

  • Engineering firms responsible for construction and/or startup activities
  • Software companies (e.g., supplement to existing software)
  • Operating firms that start new complex processes in a regulated environment (e.g., nuclear utilities, refinery operations)


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