Knowledge Preservation Management (KPM)

Stage: Prototype

The Knowledge Preservation Management (KPM) system allows for the capture, management, and web-based access of manufacturing operations information. KPM also captures retirees’ knowledge via transcript-enabled videotaped interviews and with video data mining advanced search capabilities. Access to this information is available directly to the operator on the factory floor or in an office, providing a complete on-demand knowledge management and training capability. Y-12’s KPM was designated as the National Security Enterprise Center of Excellence for Knowledge Management.

  • The Y-12 National Security Complex has copyright protection for this technology.
  • TRL 9: Actual application of the technology in its final form and in Y-12 production use.

Applications and Industries

  • Manufacturing and industrial companies.
  • Government agencies.
  • Research and development firms.


  • Captures and manages video, animation, process maps, work instructions, and any other associated information digitally .
  • Allows for information configuration control and long-term archival of knowledge base .
  • Can be access controlled to ensure appropriate need to know.
  • Assimilates and manages critical information and makes it available on demand to those with the appropriate need to know.
  • Easy to use, efficient transcript-based, jump-to-frame video data mining and retrieval.
  • Flexible with content configuration control and long-term archival of a company’s knowledge base.