Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is America’s premier laboratory for particle physics and accelerator research. Our mission is to understand the grandest questions in fundamental science from elusive particles like the Higgs boson and neutrinos to the structure of the cosmos to quantum information. “Big Science” necessitates cutting-edge detectors and the most powerful algorithms to analyze massive and complex datasets. Artificial intelligence is at the core of our discovery mission. Fermilab plays a critical role in the intersection of AI, experimentation and scientific data. Our challenges require the capability to integrate novel and intelligent sensing devices with powerful computing infrastructure for the analysis of large datasets. We bring together the entire research community, from academia and industry, to deploy AI throughout the scientific process, and our partnerships include some of the most important AI companies in the world.
Among our family of unique AI capabilities, we highlight:

  • Real-time AI and intelligent sensing and data acquisition systems: We are leaders in the construction and operation of large-scale and high-speed data acquisition systems. We build innovative systems that meet unique challenges from AI inference in hundreds of nanoseconds to low-power, low-noise, high-speed detectors with embedded AI to enable edge compute while operating in harsh environments (deep cryogenic to high ionising radiation).
  • Grand science with massive datasets: Particle physics data are different from commercial data; the equations of nature underlie our measurements. Our theoretical frameworks provide novel avenues for understanding and explaining AI. Our massive data analysis challenges require living at the forefront of AI computing technology and infrastructure.
  • Control of complex systems: We are bringing AI to the control of particle accelerators, some of the most complex detector devices in the world, and to steering telescopes to respond intelligently and efficiently to changing conditions in the sky.

The following experts from the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory are available to answer questions about technologies of interest to innovators and investors.