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The NanoSteel Company

Complex modern challenges are driving new industrial market demands for metal alloys with properties and performance capabilities outside the known boundaries of existing materials. The NanoSteel Company’s portfolio of proprietary nano-structured steels is new technology designed to solve these challenges while leveraging the inherent benefits of steel.

NanoSteel is a leader in nano-structured steel materials design. NanoSteel partners with major automotive, oil & gas, mining and steel production companies to create new products that meet a number of today’s more critical materials needs. NanoSteel brings new alloys with unique performance properties tailored to specific market requirements from the lab through to commercialization.

NanoSteel represents a successful technology transfer from U.S. government funded research to a commercial going concern. NanoSteel’s original steel material breakthrough in 1996 was the result of a U.S. government funded R&D project at the USDOE’s Idaho National Lab (INL) for hard-metal surface coatings for industrial applications in extreme wear environments. NanoSteel was formed in 2002 with a worldwide exclusive license from INL to this technology.

NanoSteel has a proven track record of innovation and successful development and commercialization of award-winning products. Based on the foundation of its original surface coatings technology, NanoSteel has created progressive generations of iron-based alloys from foils to powder metals to sheet steel. The company has won five prestigious R&D 100 Awards for its nano-structured alloys and its ongoing commitment to R&D is supported by an extensive intellectual property portfolio which includes more than 200 licenses, patents and patents pending.

NanoSteel recently reached a significant product development milestone with a third generation Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) sheet design breakthrough for the automotive industry. NanoSteel’s new AHSS delivers both high strength and high ductility allowing automakers the ability to use thinner gauges of higher strength steel to design parts without compromising safety. Through this unique combination of properties, NanoSteel’s new class of AHSS will light-weight future vehicle designs to help meet U.S. government fuel economy requirements that will increase to 54.5 MPG in 2025. This new AHSS sheet is currently being commercialized.

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High Strength Nano-Structured Steel

Idaho National Laboratory
Publication Date
Jun 4, 2013
Agreement Type
License, Work for Others