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A secure and flexible program that serves improves the security of electrical utility control centers while minimizing their external exposure to cyber attacks. The system allows for SCADA data, synchrophasor data, alarms, and notifications to be exchanged at low latency. SIEGate strengthens cybersecurity and relieves administrative burdens and costs of data sharing between control centers. 

Technology Advancement

SIEGate is capable of exchanging 5 million measurement data points per second among control centers and devices. The SIEGate project introduces an appliance that serves as a gateway to exchange multiple types of data required for real-time electric system operations. SIEGate allows legacy systems to send secure and reliable data to control centers. Making the software open source lowers the cost of the product and makes it widely accessible.


This software will improve security for control centers by replacing the need for a multitude of devices to exchange power system data and introducing a single, secure gateway appliance. SIEGate also reduces management and overhead costs associated with more complex systems. 


Logo for SIEGate open source software. The code is open source and available on GitHub.  Grid Protection Alliance1

Secure Information Exchange Gateway for Electric Grid Operations SIEGate

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory |
Office of Cybersecurity Energy Security and Emergency Response CESER (Washington DC)
Grid Protection Alliance (Chattanooga TN)
Publication Date
Mar 1, 2019
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