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Vorbeck Materials Corp of Jessup, MD participated in the America’s Next Top Energy Innovator program, a part of the Startup America initiative, allowing the company to quickly and efficiently license a substantial portfolio of graphene-based battery technologies, developed with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and Princeton University.  

 PNNL and Princeton's pioneering work in the field of graphene-based battery electrodes, together with Vorbeck's leading expertise in the production and application of high-quality graphene, will enable the rapid commercialization of this energy storage technology. Vorbeck is already working with materials distribution and supply company, Targray Technology International, to bring the novel battery electrode materials to market.

Testing materials in the lab at Vorbeck Materials Corp.
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Vorbeck Materials Licenses Graphene-based Battery Technologies

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Publication Date
Jun 4, 2013
Agreement Type
License, Other