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SerialTapTM is a low-cost, compact, embedded device for passively tapping serial line communication and transmitting it over an Ethernet network for comprehensive control system situational awareness. Cost-effective and nonintrusive, SerialTapTM integrates easily with common IT enterprise security solutions.1

Technology Advancement

SerialTapTM connects legacy technologies to a computer network and commercial advanced cybersecurity software to monitor older systems. Without interrupting system operations, it “translates” the data from the control system for network cybersecurity software analysis, allowing the identification of anomalies like cyberattacks, speeding their resolution and potentially saving millions of dollars in downtime.2


Large portions of industrial control systems continue to be operated with legacy serial communications, and have largely been ignored by the cybersecurity community. This has led to one of the biggest challenges for ICS operators—retrofitting cybersecurity solutions to legacy systems. The ability to monitor traffic in these environments is necessary to provide complete situational awareness of ICS security states.


The Cynash SerialTapTM brings a new layer of security to older industrial control systems. Image Cynash Inc.3

Legacy Communication Monitoring SerialTapTM

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory |
DHS Science and Technology Directorate DHS-ST (Washington DC)
Cynash Inc (McLean VA)
Publication Date
Mar 1, 2019
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